21 of the most expensive iPhone and iPad apps in the world (AAPL)


By Lisa Eadicicco

If you think $10 is too much money for an app, you won’t even consider downloading anything on this list.

While the App Store is full of great apps that are inexpensive or free, there are also a handful that cost hundreds of dollars.

For some apps, like electronic textbooks and professional tools, the cost is somewhat understandable. But for others, it’s completely puzzling.


$99.99 — Vizzywig 8HD

Vizzywig 8HD is a video editing app that claims it can capture video footage at eight times the resolution of your standard iPhone 6 camera. Paying $100 for an app might sound expensive, but that’s quite a markdown from Vizzywig’s original price of $1,000 in September.

Price: $99.99

$199.99 — G-Map U.S. West

G-Map is a voice-prompted turn-by-turn navigation system, and you don’t need Wi-Fi or an internet connection to use it. It includes goodies such as 3-D view and text-to-speech, but with Google Maps and Apple Maps, there’s no real reason to drop this much money on an app that does practically the same thing.

Price: $199.99

$199.99 — Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, Official Reference eBook for Doctors, Healthcare Professionals, and Students

This app is priced so high because it’s more than just an app — it’s more like a textbook for those in the medical industry. It includes information on how to diagnose diseases, infections, and conditions, calling itself the “most trusted textbook in medicine.”

Price: $199.99

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