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By Natalie Shirinian FINEPHILIA / F is for fashion / IN is for interiors / Philia is my love of both. Capeesh?

Craig Van Den Brulle is an artist, designer, curator of furniture and founder of the Craig Van Den Brulle showroom in New York. He seamlessly merges the past and the present by exploring elements and tools that will absorb life into the objects that he creates. Glistening in the window of his eponymous gallery on Elizabeth street in the neighborhood of Nolita, are his one of a kind creations. Walking by the gallery its hard not to be seduced by the trinkets on display like diamonds in a Tiffany’s window. With the Delaunay Table, Riemann chair, and the Darboux, one might question if they were buying furniture or art, since these one of a kind pieces cost upwards of $76,000. He is celebrated by the fashion world with a client roster boasting Anna Wintour, Tom Ford and Helmut Lang. I wanted to interview Van Den Brulle for FINEPHILIA to hear more about his fashion designer clients, how fashion influences his work, and his new Los Angeles presence.

How much of an influence does fashion have on the pieces you create? 
Fashion plays a huge role in how I see the world and how I interpret trends. I studied at Parsons and have been influenced by fashion my entire life. I love to follow designers from the past and present and use the clothing they create as inspirations in the furniture I create.

Was Anna Wintour your first fashion client?
Yes Anna Wintour was one of my first big fashion clients in the late ’90s. Its such an honor to have her be a fan of my work.

Who else from the fashion community purchases from you?
Helmut Lang, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger and Tory Burch are some of our clients.

Your pieces have been compared to works of art, and well tailored clothing .. what are some of your favorite designers and artists?
Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, Commes de Garcons, Jill Sander, George Condo, Gustav Klimt, Jeff Koons, Henry Moore, Anish Kapoor, Tony Cragg, and Christopher Wool.

How did the Twentieth showroom in LA come to carry your Riemann chair?
The collaboration came about because I wanted to have a presence in Los Angeles and the Twentieth gallery just seemed like the right fit.Twentieth in my opinion is the best showroom in Los Angeles and I am grateful to be represented by a showroom that truly appreciates and understands my work.

What other galleries do you plan on expanding to?
We are looking to expand into other galleries in other cities such as Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco but it’s very important to find the right fit.

All photos courtesy of the Craig Van Den Brulle showroom

Los Angeles representation — Twentieth

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